The Multi-Chained Future of Legends of Aria

After a long awaited delay, we’ve decided that the future of our MMORPG Legends of Aria will be multi-chained. There are so many great blockchain networks to build on, so we didn’t want to limit ourselves and our users to just one network.

The Initial Launch

Upon our initial launch of the game, we will be integrating these three amazing networks: Solana, Harmony, and Polygon.

We’ve chosen these networks because they all have great communities and are back by some superb technology.

How will it work?

In the game, you will be able to decide which network you’d like to use when minting your items (weapons, armor, etc.) into NFTs. In addition, these network’s will all be integrated into our NFT Marketplace, and their respective currencies (SOL, ONE, and MATIC) will each be available as a purchase currency on our marketplace.

What about $ARIA?

The ARIA tokens, as well as our Character NFTs, will initially be sold and launched on Solana. However, we will be launching $ARIA on Polygon and Harmony in the months shortly after our TGE/Listing, which is scheduled for August 27. Those that buy $ARIA in our upcoming token presale will be given their distributions on Polygon.

Why Go Multi-Chained?

We decided to build on as many chains as possible because we don’t want to limit our audiences for this epic MMORPG. In addition, blockchain networks can be very confusing for new users, and because we want to onboard as many web2 users as possible, we think it’d be best to have the game functional with whatever chain that these newcomers learn to use initially.

For these reasons, we plan to expand to many other blockchain networks and will try to integrate the game with all the top-tier chains. If you have any suggestions for which networks we should build on next, share them with our team on Discord or comment your thoughts on our Tweets.



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